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Dr. John Williams—Artist, Surgeon, Communicator

Dr. John V. Williams has been at the forefront of plastic surgery techniques and technology since 1981. Dr. Williams continually seeks to improve and adapt his knowledge of cosmetic surgery to ensure that his patients receive only the highest level of aesthetic beauty. Dr. Williams completed his residency at the prestigious New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center in New York City. Since that time, he has successfully performed over 3,000 breast augmentation procedures. Dr. Williams also completed an internship in surgery at McGill University in Montréal, Canada, and continued his studies at hospitals in England and Sweden. Dr. Williams was fortunate to receive advanced training in liposuction in Paris with Dr. Yves Illouz, one of the inventors of the now world-renowned procedure.

Dr. Williams consistently adheres to the highest standards of excellence while continually striving to improve and perfect his approach to breast augmentation and other types of breast enhancement surgery.

As a result of Dr. Williams' years of experience in all forms of breast enhancement, he has become an expert at correcting sagging or "drooping" breasts. For patients seeking breast augmentation after pregnancy, weight loss, or simply because they wish to enhance their bodily contours, Dr. Williams can return the natural, youthful look you desire.

“I look upon my work of plastic surgery as a very unique and special opportunity to enhance not only your physical appearance, but also to improve how you feel about yourself. Because there are so many new and different techniques now available, it is extremely important to determine what result you wish to achieve. I also feel it is very important to establish a close relationship with each patient so that we can accomplish the desired result. I enjoy my work greatly and I always strive to make every effort to obtain the best results for my patients.”